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18 March 1985
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Bios are for people who never change.
30 seconds to mars, 30stm, age of sail, alec/seregil, alexander rps, alexander/hephaestion, ancient egypt, ancient history, ancient rome, anciet history, anne of green gables, archeaology, archie/horatio, argentine tango, armand, art, au, biology, bollywood, bollywood dancing, books, boys kissing, brian kinney, brian/justin, chronicles of narnia, colin/jared, costume design, daleks, dancing, dark angel, dean winchester, dean/sam, depeche mode, doctor who, doctor/jack, dr who, eric bana, erotic artwork, european echelon, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy books, farrelleto, fashion design, firefly, folk music, food, graphic arts, graphic artwork, greek mythology, harry potter, historical fiction, history, horatio/archie, hornblower, house m.d, house/chase, j2, jack/ianto, james may, jamie bamber, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jensen ackles, jensen/jared, jeremy clarkson, john barrowman, jsquared, karl urban, knitting, literature, lord of the rings, lotr, lotr rps, magistra vitae, modern art, movies, music, musical, mythology, napoleonic wars, nathan fillion, nightrunner series, padackles, philosophy, photography, photomanips, pirates, poetry, prison break, ptolemaic egypt, pullo/vorenus, qaf, queer as folk, rammstein, reading, real person slash, republican rome, richard hammond, roman empire, rome, rps, rps slash, sam winchester, sam/dean, sci-fi, science fiction, sean bean, shakespeare, sharpe, silent movies, sirius/remus, slash, slash art, slash fanfiction, slashfic, spn, spn fanfic, spn rps, sulla, sulla/valeria, supernatural, supernatural rps, swimming, theatre, tolkien, top gear, torchwood, valeria, vampire chronicles, vampires, viggorli, wentworth miller, wincest, winchesters

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